The Chamber provides a wide range of pro-innovative services aimed at increasing friendly pro – policy and production, excellent agribusiness environment, competitiveness and market visibility for members of the agribusiness industry in Ghana and beyond. The Chamber supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by implementing comprehensive training and consulting information services as well as other services carried out in accordance with the expectations and needs reported by clients. The Chamber acts in the interest of and for the development of associated enterprises and economic organizations, farmer base organization etc.


As part of its statutory activities, the Chamber provides the following services:

  • Help in developing trade contacts in the country and abroad
  • Introduction of products and services offered by our members to various foreign markets
  • Comprehensive organization of group trips to international trade fairs
  • Organization of trips as part of business missions to all countries with which the Chamber conducts or organizes economic cooperation
  • Supporting economic initiatives of the Chamber’s members
  • Information on the possibilities of obtaining aid funds and subsidies for business development
  • Industry presentation of member companies at meetings with foreign contractors
  • Organization of business meetings for foreign companies participating in fairs


Advance Pro-innovativity

Below you will find the basic concepts of innovation.

Innovation is every change that improves something, gives a new quality or allows you to create a new product or service.

Four types of innovations are common in business practice:


Technological / technical innovations.

Considered the most important, because they bring the highest added value and the highest income of the entrepreneur, but also the most expensive. They contribute to the development of products and services. They are based on the results of scientific work and research activity. This type of innovation is often a source of organizational and process innovations.


Organizational innovations.

They rely on changing the way the company functions, changing the work organization or management organization. They are often cost-free and are associated with the rationalization of the organization or its adaptation to changing laws or customer requirements.


Process innovations.

Very often related to the introduction of technical innovations. They concern the introduction of changes in the production process or the process of providing services.

 Marketing innovations.

They concern the sphere of sales and distribution of finished products and services. These are, for example, new packaging, and new forms of advertising or new pricing strategies.

Often, all types of innovations occur together, especially in manufacturing enterprises (production of new products). In service enterprises, first of all organizational and marketing innovations are applied. The services provided by the Chamber are related to consulting in the implementation of all types of Innovation.


Searching for business partners

The goal of the service is consultancy in the field of entering selected foreign markets and preparing a list of potential contractors and information about the market.

The basic version of the service includes:

preparation of detailed information on selected foreign markets, possibilities of entering a given market and determination of a group of potential business partners, profiling the client’s activity, drawing up a list of potential from 10 to 100 contractors with company description and contact details. The next stage is the introduction of information about the customer’s commercial offer to available databases for establishing business cooperation. 


The extended version, in addition, includes:

Sending the offer provided by the Customer to selected contractors for the recommendation of the Chamber for Cooperation. 

Technology transfer

Technology transfer is the transfer of a set of information enabling successful commercial or industrial activity. Technology transfer may take the form of: trade (import of machines, licenses, technical services, etc.) and non-commercial (scientific and technical publications, training courses and seminars, conferences, patent research).


The advisory service related to the transfer of technology includes, among others:

  • Preparation of an offer or inquiry about technology,
  • An overview of the profiles of suppliers or recipients of technology,
  • Establishing contact with a supplier or recipient of technology,
  • Advice on the preparation of the content of the contract
  • Advisory assistance in the implementation of technology or during negotiations and conclusion of a contract between the recipient and the technology provider,
  • Monitoring the implementation of technology or contract performance and other aspects of post-implementation assistance


Technological audits

The purpose of the technology audit service is to assess the entrepreneur’s potential and technological needs, capabilities and needs in the development of products or services.

As part of the technology audit procedure, the consultant:

conducts a visit at the client’s office, which results in a completed visit form (summarizing the visit / containing at least information on the date of the audit, persons participating on the part of the Contractor and the client, its duration and the expected date of submission of the audit report);

Prepares an audit report – including, among others, enterprise diagnosis, SWOT analysis, industry analysis, key success factors (and key technologies), benchmarking and recommendations on the possibilities of implementing new technologies;

Passes the report to the customer who confirms the acceptance of the service based on the delivery and acceptance protocol


Importers , Exporters, agro processors, farmers, inputs dealers, aggregators, financial service providers etc


  1. To establish your company/Brand
  2. To improve your company’s visibility and market
  3. Gain New Business Partners
  4. Sell your products
  5. Buy products and Services



International Cooperation

Export and Import Advisory Support

Support of Local Companies in their cooperation with foreign markets and companies


The Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana offers the following services to its members.

  1. Business partners search for local and international companies in the field of imports, export cooperation.
  2. Supporting in the setting up of company or branch office in Ghana
  3. Finding Investment offers for members
  4. Providing information concerning investment possibilities from both local and international platforms
  5. Supplying information concerning availability of funds or grants and subsidies for business development
  6. Supporting preparation for business plans
  7. Supporting preparation of applications for government support
  8. Provide Services for companies interested in investment in Ghana
  9. Provide the necessary information, permission and documentations concerning outward or inward investments, mergers and partnerships
  10. Recruitment to specialize/experts for companies that may request such services
  11. Provide necessary support towards establishment of company’s offices, projects, warehouses, farming lands/River bodies etc
  12. Capacity building for member companies and staff
  13. Organization of local and international Agribusiness business networking sessions.
  14. Trade facilitations
  15. Organization of local fairs and exhibitions for members and visiting companies.
  16. *Special focus is concentrated on support of the growth of the local companies, effective and sustainable international cooperation, export and import, assistance to domestic and foreign investors as well as finding business partners in the within Ghana and abroad.

The operations of the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana CAG extends to all continents where Ghanaian member companies undertake their businesses.

The Chamber provides comprehensive information on availability and utilizations both government support funds and international grants.



  1. Policy support and lobbying
  2. Advocacy towards favorable industry standards, supports and enabling environment for business
  3. Business Networking
  4. Representation of member companies in local and foreign contacts
  5. Introduction of good and services offered by members on both local and international platforms.
  6. Consulting in export development and international grants/facilities
  7. Consulting in legal, business and banking services
  8. Organization, Capacity building and Information Services
  9. Support development of commercial business both locally and internationally
  10. Promote member companies produce and services
  11. Organization of international Agribusiness trade missions
  12. Field representation of member companies to foreign partners participating in international trade fairs
  13. Quarterly Industry magazine, representing business information and updates on trade, market, law, international business, networking, industry intelligence



Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana offers a wide scope of advisory services concerning promotion  and export development.

  1. Estimation of company’s competitiveness
  2. Development of companies export strategy
  3. Checking the credibility of business partners
  4. Developing Skills related to export market
  5. Market Research
  6. Searching for partners
  7. Participation in international trade faire’s and exhibition
  8. Consulting programmers concerning companies export activities