The Chamber is a non-profit, independent organization, not affiliated with local, state or government. Chambers are member driven, and membership is voluntary. The Chamber of Agribusiness identifies, discusses and recommends action on issues and concerns that impact the growth and development of the Agri-business sector in Ghana and the sub region that has the likelihood of affecting the fortunes of our members.

The Chamber supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises through the provision of comprehensive information, training and advisory services, for the benefit of these enterprises, as well as through other services, which are available every time the Chamber’s clients express their expectations and needs for such services.

The Chamber operates in the general interests of agriculture-agribusiness value chain players and for the development of its associated members – companies and business organizations. The Chamber identifies and serves the needs of business. We work to increase prosperity by encouraging the growth of existing businesses and fostering establishment of new ones.

We seek to support and help provide representation in government affairs at district, region, and national levels.

We seek to develop partnerships with educational, cultural, civic and service organizations.

We will gather facts, provide information, and facilitate discussions on key issues that impact the development of the agribusiness, the agri-economy and the country as a whole.

The Chamber act as the voice of agribusiness industry with utmost commitment to playing a leadership role to solely dedicated to the betterment of agribusiness sector in Ghana through deliberate advocacy, lobbying, capacity building and investment as well as using resources and capabilities of members to deliver services that address the general needs and concerns of members and promoting the Ghana’s economy, image while establishing international relationship.

We also seek to set a pace for holistic recognition, engagement and strengthen the growth of the Agri-business sector through influencing agribusiness policy in Ghana.

As part of our activities, the Chamber has the following objectives:

  • assistance in developing business contacts at home and abroad
  • advocate and lobby for inclusive agriculture and agribusiness national policies
  • promote inclusive youth and gender friendly policies
  • introduction of products and services offered by our members to different foreign markets
  • end to end organization of group tours to international fairs and exhibitions
  • organization of business tours, within business missions, to all countries with which the chamber carries out business cooperation or arranges such cooperation
  • supporting business initiatives of the Chamber members
  • information about the possibility of obtaining aid funds and grants for business development
  • industry presentation of member companies at meetings with foreign partners
  • organization of business meetings for foreign companies participating in trade fairs
  • to act as an intermediary to promote member business
  • partner government to roll out strategic policy initiations for the utmost beneficiary of the industry and the consumer
  • lobby for sustainable agricultural-agribusiness social protection policies